Discover the SML PARIS trombones with ZAYKA! plouf

The Nantes-based artist ZAYKA graciously took the time to handle and try out the trombones from the brand SML PARIS.

Flagship of the brand, the TB40-II trombone is highly appreciated by orchestral project creators for its accuracy and excellent value for money. This small bore trombone (12.70mm), versatile, suits beginners and allows experienced musicians to produce a projected and warm sound. Its small bell makes it ideal for outdoor performances. It also benefits from a semi-heavy counterweight located just below the tuning slide, ensuring perfect balance and reducing musicians' fatigue. Furthermore, its robust construction ensures long-term durability.

The TB40-II stands out for its ability to deliver exceptional sound projection, making it particularly suitable for contexts requiring great sound power. Its well-thought-out ergonomics allow for a comfortable grip, even during long playing sessions. Attention to manufacturing details results in increased reliability, and its refined finish adds an elegant touch to the instrument. In summary, this trombone is a wise choice for any musician seeking to blend performance, comfort, and durability.

For musicians who already have several years of practice, SML Paris also offers the TB500-BF. It can be challenging to transition directly from a small bore trombone to a large bore trombone. With an intermediate bore size, the TB500-BF allows all musicians to familiarize themselves with the full-size model without becoming fatigued or breathless. Accessible both in terms of price and ease of playability, this trombone impresses with its accuracy and versatility.

All trombones from the brand are inspected and adjusted in our workshops in Thouaré-sur-Loire, France, ensuring optimal quality. They come with a set of BG accessories, including a mouthpiece, maintenance products, and a protective case, allowing them to be played right out of the box.

Discover the SML PARIS trombones!

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